Signs to tell if your date is lying

When you start chatting to someone on a dating website you might be asking yourself the question if the person is cheating and how honest are they.  You need to talk to the person and really get to know them.  Do not get too attached to your potential date. 

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Good reasons to visit Thailand

Thailand ~ Chaing Mai


Thailand is an exotic part of the world which is hungry to entice tourists from all over the world! It has lots of exotic sacred temples and lots of beautiful beaches.

Chaing Mai Thailand

If you are looking for somewhere different to explore, somewhere with different cultures, unusual site, and interesting friendly people then Chaing Mai Thailand is the place for you.

Chaing Mai has the spa-like resorts in the northern mountains of Chaing Mai. Every year in the first weekend of February Chaing Mai hosts a flower festival in 2011 it is hosting the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek, it is expected to attract millions of visitors and so if you are looking for somewhere to stay book early. The Chiang Mai flower festival spans three days of fun. Chaing Mai is only a short distance from the centre of Bangkok.

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Thailand ~ Chaing Mai