Signs to tell if your date is lying

When you start chatting to someone on a dating website you might be asking yourself the question if the person is cheating and how honest are they.  You need to talk to the person and really get to know them.  Do not get too attached to your potential date. 

Do not focus too much on this one person.  A liar needs a good memory; the more you get to know them the more chance they have got of tripping themselves up.  The more people they chat too if they are a not all that bright the more chance there is they are going to say the wrong thing or refer to something they said to someone else.

There is nothing wrong with if you are five foot ten saying you are five foot eleven.  Most people will tell a few little lies or exaggerations, do not hold it against them for little things they might say that is not true.  Do not however put up with someone who forgets to mention they are married or has kids.  You will find out and if you go further on into the relationship you might be the one sat at home whilst your man or woman is out fraternising.

When your date is talking to you if they cannot keep eye contact with you they are more than likely lying.

Does your date for ever lose their mobile phone?  Especially if they go out without you.

Does your date sometimes come out with really ridiculous excuses?


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