Oxfordshire Tourist Attractions

River Cherwell Oxford

Oxfordshire County has the wonderful old city known as the city of “dreaming spires”. It has lots of sights to see like the river and students on bikes as you drive in to the City centre.

Millets Farm in Abingdon is a great place to take the Family there is a great Restaurant and lots of fresh produce to choose from in the Farm Shop. Take the kids to visit the variety of animals outside. If you are a keen gardener you have a vast choice of plants and bulbs in the garden centre, they also have a large aquatic area. Children will love watching koi fish swimming around.

Blenheim Palace is just a short drive away from oxford. Blenheim was a gift from Queen Anne. The palace is also known as the birthplace and home of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. It also has very nice lake and 2100 acres of beautiful parkland designed by Capability Brown and a wonderful place to take a picnic. Do not forget to visit the village of Woodstock.


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