London Tourist Attractions

London has lots of cultures and variety of attractions there is always something for everyone in the city that does not sleep. London has a lot of history and culture; there is lots of nightlife, galleries, and theatre restaurants you will not go short on entertainment. It has the river Thames running through it why not book a river cruise or water bus? See the historic building such as the Tower Bridge from the river. Visitors can be assured there is a huge amount of quality hotels for the traveller to stay. London has a number of airports and is ideal for the traveller to get to and for international business.
Everyone knows of Buckingham Palace, the home of the Queen, a must see is the Changing of the Guard this happens at 11.30.
The London eye has 32 capsules view breath-taking views of London in just 30 minutes. It is advisable to book tickets early.
The British Museum opened its doors to the public in 1759, it has over 7 million artefacts it is very popular with tourists and attracts 5 million visitors a year and one of the best things admission is free.
Natural History Museum see a 40 million year old spider the life size blue whale and some of the tallest and biggest animals in the world what’s more admission is free.
There are many markets they are great place’s to pick up a real bargain why not visit Petticoat Lane in Middlesex Street area, Greenwich Market.
Regent’s Park get away from the maddening crowd, Regent’s Park is a beautiful place to walk and admire the flowers, ponds and trees. It’s very near Camden Lock, which is worth visiting.


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