Miami Tourist Attractions

Miami is renown for being lively and glamorous, however there are lots of things to do for all members of the family in Miami there is great nightclubs and wonderful buildings. It’s full of fun for tourists who want to experience all it has to offer. It is known to be a very clean city.

Its fun visiting the harbours such as Black Point Marina, Coral Gables and Oleta Park.

South Beach is a great place to visit, why not visit one of the great places to eat drink at some of the fantastic restaurant bars.

Miami Zoo is becoming one of the best Zoo’s in America with its approach to allowing the animals to be to entirely cageless. It is one of the first free-range zoos in the country. Why not take one of the “behind the scene” tours.

Bayside Marketplace there are always people eating at the various restaurants a lot going on no matter what the weather is like. Why not go on a boat tour in the daylight and get on the same boat at night for a party boat.

Why not book a hotel with Minute Holidays.


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